About Us

Welcome to Mylander Builders, LLC

Welcome to Mylander Builders, LLC. With over 20 years of experience, Mylander Builders has the expertise to take a project from a concept to completion. We are a diversified design-build and general contractor active in the construction of residential, commercial, and institutional projects.

Mylander Builders is an MHIC licensed and insured company. We start by defining in detail a project’s scope of work and understanding our client’s financial, timing, and other needs. We then commit to an estimate and schedule that produces a quality product.

From Concept to Completion

With offices centrally located in the Mid-Atlantic region, Mylander Builders can operate efficiently throughout the area. Clients in need of reliable long term estimates have come to rely on our ability to prepare budget estimates and to maximize a project’s quality for the least cost. Our way of doing business continues to produce a growing list of repeat clients in both residential and commercial projects. When you decide to work with Mylander Builders you will know exactly what to expect.

Are You Ready to Work With a Reliable, High Quality Construction Company?