Our Roof Systems

  • Built-up
    Multiple layered roof system installed with hot asphalt or cold adhesive. Made up of roof felt and surfaced with aluminum coating or gravel.
  • Modified
    Multiple layered roof system installed with a torch, hot asphalt or cold adhesive. Made up of modified membranes with a typical surface of granules.
  • Single-ply
    Single layer roof system installed with mechanical fasteners or adhesives. Types of membranes are TPO, PVC and E.P.D.M.
  • Hot Fluid
    Fluid applied membrane, applied directly to concrete deck. System is made up of fluid applied rubberized asphalt.
  • Steep Slope
    Product applied over surfaces typically sloped at 2:12 or greater. Systems offered are slate, synthetic slate, shingle, wood shake and Spanish tile.
  • Sheet Metal
    Systems installed on walls, flat and steep sloped surfaces. Common materials are copper, aluminum and galvanized.
  • Green
    Live plants and trees installed over a roof or waterproofing system. Plants come in trays, sod, plugs and sedums.
  • Coatings
    Fluid applied coatings installed over existing roof surfaces and substrates. Coating can be applied with brushes, rollers, squeegee and sprayers.

Mylander Builder's Service Department Offers Maintenance and Repair Solutions:

Emergency Leaks

Mylander Builders service department supports certified team members who are ready to quickly respond to emergencies. We repair leaks on all types of roofs including:

  • Built-up
  • Single-ply
  • Hot Fluid
  • Slate
  • Tile
  • Shingle
  • Metal Systems
  • Live Roof Maintenance
  • Coatings


Prevention matters. Over time, a roof’s performance depends not only on the quality of installation, but also on how well it is maintained. Most roofing manufacturer warranties require annual cleaning and inspections to ensure optimal performance. If a major problem occurs, you want to make sure you did everything to keep your warranty protection valid. A properly administered preventive maintenance program can help add years to your roof and potentially save you a great deal of money. We offer maintenance reports to help with future budgeting and to keep you informed on the health of your roof.

No roof repair is too small or too large. Our employees are experienced in all types of environments and working conditions to offer minimal impact to our customers.

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